CarePlace is a management information system designed to enable Local Authorities to share service and community information with their residents and work with the supplier market.  


CarePlace is a web portal, that is accessed via any web browser.  The portal is accessible to members of the public, providers of care, community group and council officers. Launched in 2011, CarePlace now has 14 Local Authority subscribers for Adult Social Care and 9 Local authorities for Children's Services.  


There are many benefits to using Careplace: 


For General Public: 

  • A directory and free resource with information about community groups, care providers and CQC reports
  • Information about contact, referral details and service vacancies
  • Ability to share information via social media

 For Providers and Community Groups: 

  • Web presence
  • Free advertisement
  • Notifications for tenders

 For Local Authorities:

  • A tool to assist in making placements and market intelligence
  • A platform to centralise approved lists
  • Sharing of information such as inspection and monitoring information

The participating London Boroughs are developing a number of exciting projects that will see an increase in functionality in the next few months. This will include the implementation of Children's services and an eBrokerage procurement tool. Further developments also include additional functionality to make the portal even more helpful for people including those who fund their own care and support and or those who simply wish to find out quality information for someone they care for. 


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