New Ways of Working



The New Ways of Working programme supports West London to achieve its transformation and innovation objectives, focusing on achieving the best outcomes for West London residents against priorities agreed by Leaders of our alliance members. 


The programme supports these priorities by identifying and delivering solutions to those systems challenges that single local authorities aren't in a position to affect individually - including the scale and influence to change national multi-agent systems such as social care markets, or where is would be sub-optimal to do so - on the basis that better return on investment or value for money can be achieve collaboratively. 


The programme works to support West London with an agile and pragmatic approach to delivery, but the pipeline of opportunities is assessed against the following themes:

  • Service transformation
  • Driving innovation
  • Commercialisation and income generation
  • Collaborative working and shared services

For more information on the New Ways of Working Programme please contact:


Laura Harris

Head of New Ways of Working, West London Alliance  


A system designed to enable Local Authorities to share service and community information with their residents

Managing the Market and Commercialisation

An "open market" to provide access to a pool of suppliers for a number of services