West Trans

The Western Sub-Region is the gateway to much of north and western England with key transport corridors, such as the M4, M40 and Great Western Railway lines, traversing it, 

  • 43% of outer London trips are by car
  • 78% of journeys start and end in the sub-region
  • 50% of all car journeys could be cycled in 10 minutes
  • Only 2% of West London's population currently cycle.

Working in partnership with the six constituent boroughs that are formally part of the WestTrans Partnership, the London Borough of Barnet, Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils, we work to achieve the aims of the sub-region:

  • Improve north - south public transport connectivity
  • Reduce public transport overcrowding
  • Address road congestion and improve journey time reliability
  • Enhance the efficiency of freight
  • Improve land-based air quality

In addition, we assist the boroughs and TfL to deliver the Mayor's Transport Strategy (MTS) by leading sub-regional projects and supporting local schemes. The MTS looks to achieve 80% of all trips to be either active (walking and cycling) or by public transport by 2041. We are delivering a number of projects in the boroughs to promote this modal shift.


We also work with the boroughs and businesses to focus on the Mayor's Vision Zero - no more deaths on London's roads by 2041. We are leading a number of initiatives for cycle safety, awareness and engagement with the freight industry and are exploring ways of reducing motorcycle/moped accidents across the sub-region.


Current projects include:


Bus Rapid Transport - We are designing a rapid bus network to meet the sub-regional aim of improving north-south public transport connectivity and MTS ambitions. Current travel times by bus between town centres (Ealing to Wembley, Heathrow to Harrow) are too long and the journey times unreliable.  A new rapid bus service will encourage more use of public transport without travelling into Central London or travelling by car.


Electric Bike Trial - We are facilitating the shift from car to bike. Half of all car trips can be cycled but only 2% of people in West London do. We believe businesses and commuters can benefit from the shift from car to e-bike and this trial is proving us right. It also helps meet the Mayoral aim of getting Londoners more active.


Freight Efficiency - Our expertise and knowledge of the freight industry has helped us to create and deliver a Freight Strategy for West London. http://www.westtrans.org/WLA/wt2.nsf/Files/WTA-180/$file/WestTrans%20proof%2026.07.16.pdf


With a successful bid to the Mayor's Air Quality Fund, we are developing ways to engage with local businesses and logistics suppliers to Reduce, Remode and Retime their freight activities. This will reduce the number of delivery and servicing trips to businesses, thereby reducing pollution and congestion. The initiatives with the greatest impact will be shared across our freight community and with our wider stakeholders to meet the aims of boroughs, the Sub-Region and the MTS.   


Demand-responsive bus service - TfL believes demand-response bus services, operating alongside traditional buses, can play an important role in increasing use of public transport and improving accessibility and air quality. To test this they are running a 12-month trial in Ealing and potentially parts of Brent, exploring the impact of a DRB service on West London. More information is available here.


For further details, please visit www.westtrans.org