North West London Sustainability and Transformation Plans

West London Boroughs are working jointly with NHS North West London (NWL) to transform the health and care system to be more proactive, focused on self care, wellbeing and caring for people at home and in the community as opposed to the current system which too often is reactive, responding to crises of care which could be avoided or managed better at home.


The NWL Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) sets out how the NHS and councils in North West London are working together to provide an eve better health and care system for our two million residents. This plan addresses the triple challenges facing the system, both locally and nationally: 'health and wellbeing', 'care and quality' and 'financial sustainability', and includes 5 key delivery areas:


1. Radically upgrading prevention and wellbeing

2. Eliminating unwarranted variation and improving

3. Achieving better outcomes and experiences for older people

4. Improving outcomes for adults and children with mental health needs

5. Ensuring we have safe, high quality acute services


The plan comes with additional transformation funding for the system to support the shift from high cost, reactive acute care to better, more effective community care, and local government has a critical role in achieving this shift through joint commissioning and delivery of the out of hospital care strategy.


To download a copy of the June 2016 draft NWL STP please click here.


For more information about STPs and the NHS five year forward view, please click here.